$35M in upgrades coming to Moncton Hospital

Upgrades to the Moncton Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit, maternity and newborn, and cardiac care units are getting a $35 million boost from the New Brunswick government.

The money, announced Tuesday, will go toward building separate units for each of the specialties.

This is the third announcement of major infrastructure funding for New Brunswick hospitals the government has made recently — totaling more than $320 million.

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An estimated $200 million was announced Feb. 9 for the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital in Fredericton, and $90 million was  announced that same week for the Saint John Regional Hospital.

When questioned on where the money for the hospital upgrades is coming from, Premier Brian Gallant said they are well thought out, important investments.

“We have no doubt that every single one of those dollars spent is a good investment. Health care is one of the most important things that we can give to the people of New Brunswick, we recognize that,” he said.

The upgrades, estimated to be finished by 2022, is aimed at offering more efficient, better quality “family-centred” care, the government said in a release.

“Your government knows New Brunswickers want a strong and vibrant health-care system,” Premier Brian Gallant said in the release. “The investments will help the Moncton Hospital provide health care to New Brunswickers and their families in state-of-the-art facilities.”

According to Horizon Health, the Moncton Hospital has several sub-specialties, including women and children’s services, oncology — which got a new $9.2-million clinic in 2014 — and neuroscience.

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“We place our patients and clients at the centre of our health delivery system in everything we do,” Horizon Health Network president and CEO Karen McGrath said in a release.

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